28 Non-Financial Benefits of Business Blogging

I used to spend more time amongst business people and as a result had more conversations about blogging for business. They would usually “want a website”  – which would usually be a few basic static pages – what I consider to be dead in the water. I would often encourage them to consider getting a blog – either a personal one or a business one – or both. The point was not to get them to blog but to get them engaged in a process of expression that is alive and honest. I have faith that doing so leads to two quality movements: an inward movement of introspection and an outward movement of connection.

If you are such a person I invite you to read this great list of 25 Non-Financial Benefits of Business Blogging and this post about how a blog can be useful in Bootstrapping a Business.

I would also like to contribute two more of my own:

  1. Reflection – honest blogging will support you in an honest exploration of purpose. The commitment to write, the search for what to write about, the reflections offered by readers … all work to place and keep you on a path of reflection. The more honest you keep it the more clear the reflection will be (though you should be prepared, honest reflection is not necessarily a pleasant or easy process).
  2. Unknown – by putting yourself out there you are joining one of the most precious qualities of the Internet – you just don’t know who will come across you, in what context and for what reason. In the hyper-informed life we live … an injection of unknown can be priceless.

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