About Me


I am a Yoga practitioner and teacher. Yoga has set me on what seems like an irreversible commitment to pursue freedom and purpose that originate somewhere deep inside. It has pretty much insinuated itself into everything I am and do.

Over recent years I have come to realize that like Yoga practices, writing and publishing content online is most effective and engaging when it is aligned with deep motivations – that creating a website is a practice rather than an end to itself.


I discovered WordPress during 2007 and have been been using it since then as a space of online personal expression. I have also had the pleasure of creating such spaces for others. WordPress resonates nicely with my pursuit of freedom.


In 2006 I left behind a 15 year information-technology career. The last chapter of that career was as a software designer. I believe that design begins before and goes beyond screens, colors and fonts. Design is a precious opportunity to discover purpose, to look deeper inside beyond obvious & superficial that are quickly forgotten.


I invite you to experience more of me at iamronen.com.