The most valuable thing I have and can offer you is my caring attention. I am always in a process of evaluating and balancing the places where I place it. A limited part of my attention is allocated to Dharma Online and a limited part of that will be allocated to you. It’s not something I can quantify but definitely something I feel.

From the moment we begin to work together you occupy a space in my attention – which lasts usually much longer then I care to admit. Officially this comes to an end when your site is launched and you are able to freely use it on your own. Then I will set you gently aside until something brings us together again. The services I offer and my approach to pricing are based on this.

Typical Website

Though I am often asked “How much does it cost to build a website?” – there is no simple answer to this question. Heading into the unknown is just that – it is a unique and individual process. By focusing on my core asset (see above) I have come to a relatively simple service offering which is aimed at supporting exploration rather then confining it. Below you will find a list of monthly retainers which can be used to dynamically assemble a tailored work process.

While it is theoretically possible to create a website in one month it rarely happens. It depends mostly on your wishes and your availibility – this process will probably demand more of you then you expect it to. It’s duration and intensity will depend on us balancing your wishes and your resources – it’s usually a delicate balancing act because wishes are usually infinite and resources finite.


I don’t enjoy seeing prices, even less so placing them on my own work. I only invest attention in projects that find a place in my heart. I experience the work I do as priceless. The presence of prices indicates:

  • That I want there to be some kind of exchange between us – because I believe it to be a healthy interaction.
  • That I still have basic physical needs which have not yet been met.
  • That we are probably not physical neighbours -and we cannot exchange physical things.
  • That the prices I have suggested represent a current approximate value of physical things I need so that I can continue to be with you.

These prices are not fixed – they are there to inform you. I don’t measure my work in hours and there is no point in asking me to do so. I leave you the freedom and responsibility of choosing what kind & form of exchange you wish to make and ask that you leave me a complementary freedom to choose and be responsible for how much attention I dedicate to you. I believe thatin this way a good exchange will appear.

Not Sure Where to Start?

Start by reading “Are You Ready for a Website?” and then consider either a one-time consultation or a Sandbox Website (which includes one consultation).

One Time Consultation Price: 60 Euro

A one time consultation can be useful if you are considering a website but are not sure if/how to go about it, if you are considering using some kind of social media and are not quite sure how to join the conversation, if you have some questions on WordPress, if you’ve been trying to get at WordPress on your own and experienced some technical hurdles, or anything else regarding your online presence you would like to discuss.

Construction Mode Monthly Retainer Price: 400 Euro

Working with me in Construction Mode means that you have a big chunk of my attention – enough attention to create a continuous movement and dialogue during which we will create your customized WordPress website.

I will ask you to share with me your vision, wishes and motivations for creating a website. I will relate to that, I may raise some questions for you to consider. Together we will formulate and communicate a vision for the first iteration of your website. I will probably begin to share with you some of my knowledge and understanding of WordPress as it pertains to you and some technical things you need to start considering as we approach building your website.

We will create a clean, simple and usable theme that communicates you and your purpose. Sometimes this is a quick process with satisfying results. Sometimes it takes a few back and forth communications for it to appear. Sometimes it leads to a compromise. A first theme is a starting point – it should be inspiring for you to write and inviting for others to read.

Maintenance Mode Monthly Retainer Price: 250 Euro

Working with me in Maintenance Mode means you have a smaller chunk of my attention then you did in Construction Mode. It means that we are either working on some finishing touches on your website, or we are making some minor changes to your existing website, or something of this nature. It means that the big pieces are in place and we are still moving around some of the smaller pieces that make up your website.

Support Mode Monthly Retainer Price: 150 Euro

One of your benefits of having a WordPress based website is that you don’t (and shouldn’t) depend on just one person (even if that person happens to be me). WordPress is a large and evolving online community. You are more then likely to find numerous answers to any WordPress related question (be it technical, contextual or inspirational) you may have. So your first source of support is the Internet not me.

Having said that I do realize that It can be comforting to speak to someone who knows you and is sensitive to your journey of expression – which is why I do offer a basic support retainer. Support Mode is like a small ad-hoc chunk of my attention. It is a minimal form of availability I can offer to you if you want to be able to ask me questions after your website has launched. You may want to utilize this retainer until you feel comfortable in the drivers seat. After that you may find that an occassional one-time consultation is all  you need.

Monthly WordPress Hosting Price: 10 Euro

You will need a place to host your website. You are welcome to host your website with me. The price indicates is a starting price and should cover your needs for some time. When your websites starts receiving higher traffic the cost will be higher and we will discuss your options.

WordPress Upgrades Price: 80 Euro

WordPress, like a car that runs, needs to be maintained. Typically there are 2  or 3 new major versions a year. It is highly recommended to keep your WordPress installation up to date. A basic upgrade includes installation of the latest version of WordPress and active plugins.

Sandbox Website Monthly Hosting Price: 50 Euro

When we start working together we will start with a Sandbox Website. A Sandbox Website is an installation of WordPress in which you can play around (more information here), get acquainted with WordPress and see how it feels to have your own website. You can use it to experience writing and publishing content, to see how design works with content … to do pretty much everything you would with a live website. The Sandbox Website is usually available to you until we launch your website.

Some projects take longer to launch then others. By paying a monthly hosting fee you are welcome to continue working on your Sandbox Website without any active involvement on my part. You can continue to publish and arrange content until you are satisfied with the results and feel ready to launch.