Working Together

Getting Acquainted

If you are reading this then I am guessing you are entering an exciting new space and are facing some new and unknown challenges. Unknowns are … unknown … which means that logic and reason may not be the most effective companions. If we are going to face unknown challenges together we are going to have to do it with mutual trust and faith. The purpose of getting acquainted is to see if this trust is available to us. This website is my first gesture to let you get to know me.

‘A Website’

In five years you will have a website that you cannot imagine today. Neither can I – nor do I want to. Right now what you can do, and what I can and want to help you do, is to take a first good step. This will result in “a website” not “the wesite” (in my mind there is no “the website”).

“A website” will enable you to take your first steps in online expression. As you do so you will gain new experiences & skills, collect feedback and grow into a better understanding of where you want to go and what you want to say next. Then, when you are ready, we will be able to take another step. Some next steps may be minor additions or changes to what is already there, other next steps may be major changes and redesigns.

This is going to be a process of discovery.


My experience has been that the greatest challenge in creating an online presence is content. If you want to “be found” on the Internet the best and most effecive way to do so is through quality content. There is no way around it – even a sensational visual design will not help.

You are going to meet this challenge very early in the process. Content will shape the visual design and content will keep your website alive and dynamic. Part of our work will be to establish good content habits that can sustain you beyond our collaborative efforts.


As soon as possible I will build a a staging website for us to work in. This is a website for playing around and trying things out. It is an opportunity for you to become acquainted with WordPress and to discover what you can do with it. It is an opportunity to see how your content appears online (before others do). It is an opportunity to experience a design together with content (instead of imagining what it may look like when they come together). It makes it possible to gradually move forward until you realize you are ready to go out and meet the world.


The Internet has become a hectic and noisy place. It sometimes seems that if you want to be noticed you need to shout out louder then everyone else. I try to avoid this – it feels to me like pollution. When I partake in the internet I try to make my contribution good and valuable and I will try to do the same for you. I create simple and clean designs that upstage your content and create a peaceful online place.


The process of starting a website can be short and concise. Everything else will take time. It will take time for you to settle into your website. It will take time for you to find a pleasant and effective content creation process. It will take time for you to meet people. It will take time for people to get to know you.

But, given time, your online presence will become … well … you’ll see :)